July 20, 2014

P.O.W? Prisoner of what?

People see me, and they see a free soul,
They see me whole,
They call me wise,
Some say they see it in my eyes,

That I light up a room,
I lift their spirits.

But I'm no fucking god

I come from pain and misery,
Just like everyone else,
And just like you, I should’ve learned something,
But I’ve learned nothing…

She hurt me by taking away what she gave me,
I go months without seeing her, not a word from her,
But she shows up even without being there,
Like the damn cliches, in every song,

I see her in any movie with a bitch that tears a heart out with a smile

Thing is...I am physically and emotionally healthier without her,
But she is the god damn needle, I need it.

I saw her today…

My heart fell off a cliff,
I look up and she is looking down at me, smiling after pushing me off,
That’s what it feels like,

And this is what I want to say,
“No matter what you did to me, I want to share my life with you I want to share my happiness with you, even though I know you will take it away from me”
That is what goes through me.

“I lose who I am when I am with you”
Today I told her that and more,

“I gave you my heart long ago, and I wish you’d give it back”

She looked at me, and said “I never took it”

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