March 7, 2011

love and doubt

I’m just letting the music take me…
Jia Pen Fang plays while I write,
It’s 2 am, and love and doubt go hand in hand in my thoughts
my conscience and heart fought,

my heart and my conscience,
love and doubt,
my heart led with love, my conscience backed out with doubt,

sometimes it makes a comeback, with fear, and fear, will fear love so much
it would hide clouding my heart, with screams of pain, pain that hadn’t even happened yet.
My heart would speak to Doubt and Fear, Fear would get louder,
My heart would shout, and Fear would confuse love with anger,

And my heart would suffer my conscience’s fears they would all become true,

until my heart decided to listen to my doubts, and offer love,

and did what I never wanted, it accepted fear into my heart, as  part of it.

Now as my heart has offered love to fear, fear will stop screaming,

and most days…well we all listen to each other…

written by: Frank Hannen-Pantaleon