May 21, 2010


time after time, things keep happening,
no one knows the reason

we look to blame
we search in vain,
quick to say another's name

never willing to look within
to see the answer is always there,
inside us,
no need to fuzz
when the time comes,

we made the choice
we put up with the noise
we went out with the boys

she is mad,
then glad,
when you feel guilty
see in the end, it's filthy

that we all want the other to feel blame,

you want her responsible,
she wants you responsible

to some it's impossible to see,
that we are all accountable

that no one is excused
not even the abused,

we all play a part,
in us growing apart,

its just easier,
much easier,
to put it all on someone else,
and never yourself,

to live as if,
life is a gift,

where everything...happens to us,