April 15, 2010

the bus stop

"you like to get your dick sucked?"

A few days back, I'm on the bus, this asian lady sits next to me, looks to be in her late 50's, anyway her stop is coming up, she gets up and a bag she has, brushes against a woman in front of her, and she says to the asian lady,

"don't touch me,don't touch me, go back to your country", the asian lady starts apologizing, and walks to the front of the bus.

 I was there before any of them, so I know she only touched her once, and by accident, yet the lady freaks out, starts talking shit. You get on the bus, you see all kinda shit.

Sometimes even before you get on the bus. At the bus stop, I see three people coming up. A man and two women, I say hello to them, the man says "where I seen you before?we saw you earlier ain't it?"

"yeah earlier today at the pasadena bus stop" I told him,
"yeah, yeah,alright how you doing?"he said then they all went around a pole and looked for a place to sit, there is no bench at that stop.

After a few minutes he comes up to me, "you working?"
"yeah" I tell him,
"where you from, new york?"he asked,
"no, I'm Dominican" I told him, 
"oh so you from the islands or something, damn so you aint a white boy?"he said
"my skin is white" I told him
"yeah but you aint a regular white boy,where is the Dominican, they got yeyo over there?"he said, he was in a good mood, we talked a little,he asked me if I wanted some "stuff" I said no, then he went back to rubbing on his girl's ass. While they waited, the other girl,looked younger sat on the grass.

He comes back a few minutes later, by this time we all know the bus is running late,

"you married?"he asked
"no"I told him, 
"I see you got a ring on the right finger there"he said
"yeah, well its coming soon" I told him
"where is your girl at?"

He looks at the girls, and asks me what I think of them, he goes "for real which one you like better?" I tell him they are both nice girls,

he says "you like to get your dick sucked?"
"shit yeah"I said laughing, then I see he starts walking away, so I tell him, "I'm good though"
 he walks back, "alright man, but you want anything you let me know, they call me "G",anything,reefur,powder,rocks, anything, I can get it for you" and he goes back to his girl, and this time he starts rubbing her stomach

After all this, the younger girl, sits on the grass, with her back to me her ass almost completely showing,I start making shit up in my head, like maybe he had her do that, so I'd change my mind.

Million things run through my mind was this guy pimpin off his girl and her daughter? and shit his girl is pregnant. 

what the fuck...at least I get something to blog about.