March 30, 2013

honor your heart

I tell my self there's no one else,

no one can save me,

no one can see.

What I've done,

not so much to others,

I gave up,

I talk about my dreams,

and it all seems promising,

then I go back to doubt,

my heart gives out.

When I'm in my heart,

I believe, I strive,

not just survive,

I am truly alive!

Then I always go back to my head,

where doubt reigns,

where memory dictates what I'm incapable of doing

and reminds me of where I'm NOT going!

Self sabotage,

I wear it like a fucking badge,

no matter what though,

I know...I know,

love takes me back.

my heart can see more than my eyes ever will,

I honor my heart,

I honor my self....

written by: Frank Hannen-Pantaleon


fear reigned in my heart for 24 hours,

devouring my inner flower,

my heart, tearing me apart,

why does it take death to come knocking, for me to wake the fuck up?

I knew I didn't want to die like my father,

I lived in darkness for 24 hours,

the room was dark,

so was my heart,

the first day seems blurry now,

I know love lit everything up,

surrounded by hearts,

I came out of the darkness,

she called me "a walking miracle"

I'm walking...

written by: Frank Hannen-Pantaleon


I hear music,

it's dark,

nothing makes sense,
it's been this way for a while,

my brother would say, "you're in a dream"
nothing's what it seems,

he'd be wrong,

I'm walking through a nightmare,

pain never stops,
fire teases me,
no one gives a fuck,

I see red,
only anger moves me,
and this hunger's never fed,

hunger to hurt,


no one knows what she did,
God forbid,

they'd kill her first,
maybe it's selfish,
cause you see that's my thirst,

she knew,

and she smiled,

she told me, smiling,

I don't know what's gonna happen,

I have two bullets,
no plan is set,

I know this,

the more I think about it,

the more I think she's gonna take them both...

written by: Frank Hannen-Pantaleon