July 20, 2014

I love

I feel love, I feel It like I never have,
There are different kinds of love I guess,

I love ice cream. I love my brothers. I love my mother.

And I love you.

These are all different kinds of love. There is also the love I have in me, that allows me to see so much more than others.

Not that I am the only one, but if real life was like facebook I feel like I would be the only one to see and understand what you post on your wall.
There would be no need to tag you, I would be the only one on your feed, and trust me you’d be the only one to carry my seed.

You are all my favorite flavors,
You are the best party favors,

With you Netflix, my previous addiction, suffers extinction

I mean even music takes a back seat, to your voice, so sweet

When I get hungry, I can take a bite off of you,
When I get sleepy, I dream of you, and I know it’ll come true,
For I wake up to the truth, your eyes waiting for me

I see love in your eyes,
I feel it when you touch me,
I hear it when you sing,

And I know you like to sing, you are so good I wanna turn the radio off.

Maybe I told you this, when I talked to my brother about you, he asked if he could call you Neo, because you are the one! Jajaja
Then he said “don’t fuck it up” I’m working on that one

Maybe you are the one, the one I can finally feel comfortable farting with…That’s important right? Wa wa

Okay this is not what I wanted to talk about,

I just wanted you to know that I like you a little bit a lot.

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