July 31, 2013

the end is near

The end is near,

I welcome fear,

The end is near,

The end of what though?

life? all I know?

but what do I really know?

what if all I believe is not what I made it out to be?

for I've created this life, this world I call my reality,

all that I see,

Is it really there?

the feelings, the pain, the love, the happiness,

my ideas of what's unfair

all the times I said I was blessed,

blessed with what?

what the fuck was I talking about?

the only real feeling, is when I cut

because in the end, the lights go out,

the idea of true love,

making up love, when nothing's enough

programmed to believe,

I break away for relief,

and end up programming myself into more bullshit,

this is it,

the end is near,

I welcome fear....

written by: Frank Hannen-Pantaleon

I found you

My heart beats to the melody of your voice,

Vibrating to the sight of your smile,

It’s been a while,

Since my heart's danced to the beat of love,

My Love is no longer hiding inside,

It’s pouring out for all to see,

With you, there’s no place to hide,

The piano speaks to my soul,

I float to the music losing control

The keys open up a world of harmony inside me,

The guitar, cries

Longing for your touch,

The strings weep tears of joy, when I look into your eyes,

I find you in the sky,

I find you in music,

I find you in the rain.

written by: Frank Hannen-Pantaleon


Looking in the eyes of misery,

I search for the mystery

What happened?

I see pain,

Knives slicing thru veins,

The priest cursing God’s name,

I look into the eyes of sorrow,

They pray to die before tomorrow,

And ask if there is a gun they can borrow,

I look into the eyes of regret,

They regret the day we met,

And hold the gun,

Knowing they will never forget…

written by: Frank Hannen-Pantaleon