May 1, 2010

you gotta be realistic

"you gotta be realistic"

I hear this a lot, people telling me, thinking its gonna get me to think "ok" yeah what I say sounds good, but(but is like saying fuck it), when you say but, you might as well forget about everything you said before, you want an example?

I love you but...

hey I know you are busy but...

I'm sorry I woke you but..

the truth comes after but, so...when people say they like what I'm saying but, I know their truth is what comes next

I say "you can do anything you want, everything is possible, you want to have your own business? shit that's awesome, you can do it, just focus on what YOU want, I know it might take time, you can start now though"

then I get, "yeah it's what I want, it's my dream but, I gotta be realistic"

now what if my reality is your fantasy? I see possible what you see as unreachable, I mean there are things I might see as out of reach, yet someone else might say you got it, just reach out and grab it.

Now you can be right about your "reality" because if you dont do what you gotta do to make it happen, then your reality remains, yet if you do what you've never done, to get what you've never had, then YOU make your own reality.

Thing is, no matter what you do, a big decision means a big sacrifice, sacrifice can go from moving, to having people criticize you, think you dont't love them, and even leaving those who love you, the tricky part is to no matter what, be happy with your decision, because it's about your dream. It's not about being selfish, it's about loving yourself.

I used to think my dream was out of reach, that being realistic meant I wasn't gonna make it, I wouldn't be able to sell my script, it wasn't good enough, and I was right, because I didn't do shit.

Now this is my reality,
I want to, wait no, I'm committed to selling my movie script, then I'm gonna win an oscar for one of my screenplays, it was my dream, and I made a decision to make it my reality, and as long as I take action, I'm on the way,

I can easily give up though, not send it out, and the reality can be the opposite, I can be right either way, depending on how I go about it,sure it might not happen, difference is, instead of thinking what if it don't happen, I'm thinking,

what if it does?

no limit

I stopped writing for the sake of rhyme a long time ago,

my lines can now live without the previous,

my writing has deeper goals,
my writing comes from the soul now,
my writing has deeper meaning,
my writing will leave you, if you fail to catch on,
my writing will no longer rely on explaining the obvious.

I sit here, side to side with fear,
fear of getting lost,
in my newfound glory
where I've realized the power of my story.

no one can tell me the ending,
because in my world,
the end is forever pending.

in my world I welcome endless possibilities
in my world there is no end to my abilities

I am everyone,

I am everything...