July 20, 2014

life goes on

“Life goes on” people say that a lot.

Most times people say it after something sad or tragic happens.

“Life goes on”

Move on.

What if “life goes on” means life goes on after we die? Maybe life happens in other ways, in another place.

My dad used to talk about reincarnation. “Life goes on”

I wonder, would he be a dog now, or a monkey? A monkey, definitely a monkey.

Anyways, I don’t know where this “life goes on” came from.
I was thinking of true love.
And the possibility of it being eternal, if a true connection exists within two souls.
True love lasting, spiritually transcending. Who knows?

I met a heart that I feel I have known longer than I have been alive. That doesn’t make sense to me.

What If I had been with this heart in another life, another place?
Like the song says “I love you in a place where there is no space or time”
That life ended. And once again the journey begins, that true soul mates, relive a new journey, to find one another.

A game of life that is never the same.
New obstacles(failed relationships) How many did it take this time?
But once the game is over, there’s no continues.
Or is there?

Life is filled with mystery. Questions that we create answers to.

My heart seems to know things I never will. I listen and follow sometimes. And I get to feel love.
Yet even though I follow, I don’t always know where it is taking me, I don’t always understand what it says to me.

I feel and I follow. She is like that sometimes. And that is just fine.

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