July 20, 2014

like a dream

I get so many good feelings, when I think of you,

I would like to compare them to something; I feel it is the only way that I might get even close to honoring what I feel.

You are the 5 dollar bill I find in jeans I haven’t worn in weeks,
Now, 5 dollars is kinda weak,
But not that feeling of joy I get, when I hear you,
I rather not look at the phone and enjoy the pleasure of being surprised by the melody in your voice

You are the feeling I get when I wake up in the middle of the night, walking by the microwave hoping when I see the time, I have many hours yet to sleep
For they will be spent dreaming with you.
A feeling of please please, then yes yes!
You are the mess in my mind, that I keep on rewind,
Reliving the moments that caught my heart when it fell,

You are the last bell at school to go home, wait….for summer vacation,
So much anticipation,
Can you relive that feeling?
Of who cares how long today is?, because in the end, a new journey will begin

You are the feeling I get on a sunny day, when I’m outside, and I close my eyes for 20 seconds, and then open them because everything looks like a dream right when I do. I love doing that.

Thing is…you always look that way to me.

My favorite song, you know it, that’s you…

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