July 20, 2014

conversion therapy

I am the reverend, I am the pastor, I am the bishop, and I am the fucking priest.

I am…

I tell you God has a plan,
I tell you I am a God fearing man

He is a just God,
Whether you believe in him or not

And I tell you he made us the way we are, he created us,
Nothing else to discuss,
All equal,
All equal and beautiful,
All of us God’s children, no favorites

Unless you’re a fag,
Then you might as well raise the flag,
Give up, because you are going straight to hell

He made us the way we are, the Devil made you the way you are,

I can help you, if you want my help,
You can follow Christ,
Redeem yourself,
And gain spiritual wealth

I suggest “conversion therapy”
So you can see how wrong you are for being yourself
So you can feel unworthy, and wake up to the judgments of those who “love” you
So you can “pray the gay away”

You might have heard the beautiful saying “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”
He also didn’t make retards the first time, but it is okay to accept them. Just not you Steve

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