July 20, 2014

Dylan's poem

(Dylan’s poem)         

He says “I wanna change stuff, just don’t know what to change”

Makes you think…

Everything I’ve seen, the fucking routine…

I let it become routine,

I talk about the comfort zone, like I got out of mines, not realizing I’m just making it bigger.

It’s a slow suicide, just taking longer to pull the trigger,

It’s like I’m just contemplating it subconsciously.

Some people give up and check out, some wait for the eviction,
I talk about the here and now, and my actions show contradiction.

I don’t know you, maybe I never will, still…
I’m gonna tell you, you are an asshole sometimes, so am I, (and I’m not just talking to the fellas)

No matter how shitty you have treated someone, how much of a bitch you’ve been at work and at home, (and I’m not just talking to the ladies)

No matter…there is someone you love, and someone who loves you, they might not be the same person.

Just know that if you are capable of loving, and someone loves you, it is proof that you have a heart.

That you are capable of doing what you are afraid of…

Connecting with another soul.

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